Yukiko Ikebe Trading System
Yukiko Ikebe Trading System

Yukiko Ikebe Trading System

How Yukiko Ikebe Trading System

Have Ever you thought about Yukiko Ikebe Trading System?

If you were to meet Ms. Yukiko Ikebe, she might welcome you in full traditional Japanese costume, a somewhat unexpected choice for a phenomenally successful forex trader.

Ikebe was born into a traditional Tokyo family, says architect, scholar, and social thinker Christine Bjerke, who spent time with Ikebe and wrote extensively about him. Ikebe’s father was a master of tea ceremonies, while his particular interests were ikebana (Japanese flower arrangements) and kimono.

After marriage, Ikebe became a housewife and taught ikebana in her spare time. “It wasn’t exactly written in the stars that Ms. Ikebe was going to become a currency trading legend,” says an article on Bjerke’s website about her. But, after a friend of the stockbroker asked him for help reaching a sales quota, Ikebe got his first job.

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This transaction sparked Ikebe’s interest in the flourishing business. She trained in the markets, often studying through the night after she finished her housework and organized flowers. She first tried to increase her family’s wealth by trading stocks, then turned to commodities, and eventually tried forex, the market in which she was most successful.

Ikebe made around 400 million yen (around 2.8 million pounds) from forex trading, according to Reuters. Because of her accomplishments, she is celebrated “like a pop star” in Japan, Bjerke says.

Ikebe also inspired other Japanese women to emulate him, battling the perception in Japan that trading is just a form of play. After being successful, he began to train other women in currency trading. , mainly online. Call these women “FX Byūtīzu” – the FX beauties

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The FX beauties are a diverse bunch, Bjerke says.Ikebe chose “FX Beauties,” Bjerke explains, because it represents a combination of finance and aesthetics, tradition and modernity, and male and female conceptions.

This kind of juxtaposition can be complex and even problematic, but it could be the secret to FX Beauties’ success, Bjerke thinks.

Women traders in Japan, like traders almost everywhere, remain a minority in terms of gender, which may give them the advantage of having a different perspective than many of their peers.

Some FX beauties may see trading simply as a logical extension of the long-standing Japanese practice known as kozokai, whereby women manage family balance sheets and savings banks – which in Japan can be very important – as well as other domestic matters.

Then there is the typical pattern of daily life of the FX Beauties. “Commerce is often combined or coordinated with daily routines,” Bjerke explains, such as childcare, housework and social life. “They will leave the markets at certain times of the day and that leaves room for reflection” – generally a distinct advantage for traders.

Things haven’t always been smooth for FX Beauties, however. Many women traders in Japan lost money when the forex markets behaved unpredictably, especially during the financial crisis.
Ikebe, meanwhile, was fined 34 million yen in 2007 for tax evasion, after putting some of her business income in the name of relatives to play down her account.

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Today, however, Ikebe seems to have overcome these difficulties. Now he often says he pays all of his taxes. He continues to both actively trade and offer currency advice

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